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James Bond: The 6 Designers Of The 007 Suits From The Last 50 Years

James Bond has been shaping film history for over fifty years as a super agent in a suit. He is the perfect gentleman and always well dressed. No matter how daring the stunt was or is, the outfit fits perfectly. The tailor-made suits belong to the movie like the Bond-Girls, the villains and the Martini. They are noble, reserved and underline the role of the protagonist. But who actually designed and manufactured these suits that went down in the history of film costumes?

Anthony Sinclair makes the start

It all started with Anthony Sinclair. He was in charge of the suits in the first Bond films and thus had a decisive influence on the style of the role of James Bond 007. The suits are classic, timeless and in muted colours. James Bond is the gentleman among the secret agents from the very first film – of course with excellent taste.

Timeless, sixties with Dimi Major

Dimi Major designed the costume picture with his suits and coats in just one Bond film – Her Majesty’s Secret Service – and yet he left a lasting impression. His designs reflected the sixties flair of the last century and have created a timeless look. Particularly striking was Major’s cream suit, with which he not only picked up on the look of the decade, but also extended the colour palette somewhat for the first time.

The designs of Cyril Castle provide for bright, casual seventies

The third designer for the 007 series is Cyril Castle. He integrated the style and colours of the seventies and loosened up the look of the James Bond a little. At the same time, the outfits become less timeless. High-contrast trousers and tops define the overall picture, complete suits are rarely shown. Bond becomes a bit more casual, with an open vest, no jacket and a loud shirt.

Double Egrets and the Sober Seventies with Douglas Hayward

Douglas Hayward, on the other hand, re-established the three-piece suits. His designs give the protagonist’s look a sober line, strongly reminiscent of the late seventies. One suit that is particularly memorable is Roger Moore’s dark blue double-breasted heron in Octopussy.

Brioni has been a James Bond outfitter for nine years

The more famous the actors of the role James Bond became, the more famous the designers of their suits became. With Pierce Brosnan in 1995, Brioni became the first Italian luxury fashion company to equip Bond films. The label designed and manufactured the suits of the actors from Golden Eye to Casino Royale.

Tom Ford and Daniel Craig - two stars give James Bond a new face

Since the film A Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig and some of the other actors have been equipped by Tom Ford. According to the fashion company, James Bond as a character embodies the Tom Ford man through elegance, style and love of luxury. This is probably why Tom Ford International was able to secure the contract for Spectre

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