Cyril Lagel ist ein sensibler Liebhaber der Perfektion und gehört zu den bekanntesten Mode- und Beauty-Fotografen der Welt. Zu seinen Clients zählen u. a. ELLE, VOGUE und L'Officiel sowie unzählige Persönlichkeiten wie Nadia Farès, Kenzō Takada und Hélène De Fougerolles.

„He creates a world which is only his, which belongs to him, undivided, that he shares through his work. Cyril Lagel is a master of the subtleness of form and texture. With him there is a crispness of line and roughness that rushes forward only to be formed into the subtleness and smoothness of voluptuous curves. Through his drive, his rigor and his virtuosity he offers to us the most beautiful thing he has, his soul.“ - Jo Spadafora