Lisa Ribbers - Slepalyzed - Design 1

Slepalyzed: Corporate Design By Lisa Ribbers

Sleep is an essential part of our lives as it takes up one third of our entire lifetime. The importance of restorative sleep becomes increasingly salient if its occurrence is hindered by sleep disorders. The so called sleep paralysis represents a remarkable form of such a disorder. Although the lifetime prevalence of sleep paralysis approximates 30 per cent in university students and eight per cent in adults, it is a mainly unknown phenomenon in the general population. When initially affected, people are often upset by the frightening experience and cannot make sense of it.

Hence, the bachelor thesis of communication design student Lisa Ribbers aims to develop a corporate design for a healthcare organization that informs about sleep paralysis. A serious contact point is meant to be provided, enabling an exchange for those affected. The organization utilizes an interplay of scientific knowledge and experience reports and thus provides a wealth of information about the phenomenon.

The main focus of the thesis is the initiation of a project that enables the general public to become aware of the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. By doing so, sufferers of sleep paralysis should no longer be lead to believe they are the only ones making such experiences.


Designer: Lissa Ribbers