Hejmonti - Timon Oberfeld - Christmas Furniture 1

Josef – The Eco Friendly Christmas Furniture

Josef is an alternative to the classic Christmas tree, which is bought again every year and disposed of after the festivity. Over the years Josef preserves resources and saves money.

It consists of plywood rings, knotted ropes and a beech wood ring at the tip that holds the ropes together. You screw a hook into the ceiling, attach the ropes, hang the rings and decorate. Christmas decorations can be hung on the hooks or placed on the rings. Josef can be illuminated with classic or LED tea lights.

There are two sizes and two colours. With seven or five rings, each with a white or black surface.

Material: Laminated wood rings (Finnish birch plywood from sustainable forestry) with white melamine resin or black phenolic resin coating, yachting ropes, beech wood ring.


Designer/Production: Hejmonti
Photographer: Jasper Grätsch, Timon Oberfeld
Film, Edit, Animation: Jacob Grünig