Buku Editorial - Bachelorthesis 1

BUKU - A Bachelorthesis by Julia Stanossek

Mass consumption is a major problem in today's society. Many people develop a desire to minimize their consumption because they realize that it is no longer satisfying for them to buy the 10th hair dryer or the 3rd waffle iron.

As a contribution to this, Julia Stanossek developed the book-sharing platform BUKU for her bachelor thesis, where people worldwide can lend or give away their discarded and read books for free. The result was a responsive website and an app to reach the target group on all devices. Through a designed points system, detailed user profiles and an evaluation system, trust was created among the participants to organize the loan process to strangers. In order to make it easier for the participants to post books, the app offers the option of a barcode scanner. One photographs the barcode of the book and receives within seconds all information about it. A poster campaign, web banners and flyers in the form of bookmarks were created to promote the platform.


University: Hochschule Anhalt, FB Design Dessau
Design: Julia Stanossek
Professor: Prof. Rochus Hartmann, Prof. Katja Thoring
Code: Johannes Tandler