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Sherpa Design GmbH

We are the Tenzing Norgay of branding.

Together with our clients, we develop brands that create meaning, whether small or large, internally or externally, digitally or in print. We stand for the vision of the Sherpas and Tenzing Norgay: Together, at eye level, we reach the individual branding summit with our customers and partners through a cooperative approach. At Sherpa Design, we build on our expertise in the areas of brand strategy, the conception & visualization of corporate designs, and their realization and implementation – analog and digital.

Since our founding, we have received several national and international awards. We are particularly proud of our clients and partners; we serve corporations, medium-sized companies, and startups. Among others, Volkswagen, German Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, Handelsblatt and Eintracht Frankfurt are among our clients.



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