Pentax Q - Systemkamera

Pentax Q: System Camera With Interchangeable Lenses Now Available

Thanks to the new Q-system, Pentax shrinks the camera with interchangeable lenses to the size of a cigarette box. The Pentax Q mini system camera weighs approximately 220 grams including a standard 50-millimeter lens, and despite its amazing compactness and light weight, it meets the highest quality standards.

At the heart of the new Pentax Q camera concept is the new “Back Side Illumination” sensor technology combined with an innovative design without mirror and optical viewfinder, which allows the use of interchangeable lenses. Among camera enthusiasts, the concept is often referred to as EVIL – Electronic Viewfinder – Interchangeable Lens – but camera manufacturers prefer the more neutral term system camera for simplicity’s sake.

With its compact design and the performance of a full-grown SLR, the Pentax Q meets the exact requirements of ambitious photographers who want a high-quality camera “to go” and who want to live and capture their creativity quickly, spontaneously and individually at any time.

A disadvantage of the Pentax Q is the noise behavior

Unfortunately, the Pentax Q does not only have positive features. One of these disadvantages is the noise behaviour in low light. Pentax wanted to minimize this with the backlit CMOS, but they didn’t quite manage to do so.

Both a zoom and a fisheye lens are available. The system camera saves the images in DNG raw and JPEG format and of course there is also a Full-HD video recording (1080p) mode with 30 frames per second. With a standard lens, the Pentax Q costs around 700 euros and is a nice-to-have for every photographer.

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