Leica Edition X - Edition Moncler 1

Cooperation Of Two Traditional Brands: Leica X Edition Moncler

“Leica gives you the feeling of holding something special in your hands as soon as you unpack it”, says photographer Stefan Groenveld. The reason for his statement was the new acquisition of a Leica M (type 240) at the time, which he describes in detail on his weblog. But what remains is the feeling of something special – and that is also conveyed by the cooperation between the Italian fashion label Moncler and the traditional German brand from Wetzlar. Together they have developed the Leica X Edition Moncler, a special edition limited to 1500 pieces worldwide.

The Leica X Edition Moncler stands for one thing above all: high quality and workmanship

Unmistakable at first glance, the Leica X Edition Moncler combines the shared values of both brands – high quality and workmanship. Characterized by the iconic design, it picks up the timeless design of the Leica A in the early 1930s.

It continues with the leather tricolor design, which is not only a tribute to the French roots of the fashion label, but also provides that special something at the same time.

The camera bag, a padded white pouch, picks up on Moncler’s world-famous down jacket look, and finally, the matching camera strap with “Leica & Moncler” lettering symbolizes the successful collaboration.

Presented against the impressive backdrop of Greenland

The special edition of the Leica X was presented in conjunction with the “Monuments” project by French-American creative director Fabien Baron. Known for his provocative minimalist style, he traveled to Greenland and photographed huge iceberg profiles at night. The photographs were on display at Sotheby’s in London, but the microsite initiated by Leica and Moncler also reveals the impressive scenery of Greenland.

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