Canon - EOS 5D Mark III - Body Black

Firmware Update For Canon EOS 5D Mark III

While Canon significantly increased the video output quality via HDMI with the firmware update 1.2.1 in April of this year, the currently available update for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III is supposed to fix several problems with the image reproduction as well as other bugs.

With firmware version 1.2.3, Canon addresses several problems of the full-frame camera, most of which are related to image reproduction. For example, a line with incorrect color values was shown on the display at high contrasts, or the histogram display in LiveView mode was not correct if an HDMI cable was connected. In addition, the problem of the flash not firing when the shutter button was pressed, which was already fixed with the firmware update released earlier this year, has been improved again and “solved even more elegantly”.

The firmware is now available for download for Mac OS X and Windows on Canon’s support pages. In addition to a detailed description of the latest update, the manufacturer also provides instructions for updating the full-frame camera.

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