Audi Stromlinie 75 - Concept Design 1

Design Study: Audi Streamline 75 Concept By Lukas Rittwage

As the unofficial designation of the German Grand Prix racing cars of Mercedes-Benz and Auto-Union from 1934 to 1939, the term Silberpfeil advanced to become a myth due to the numerous successes achieved. In particular, the Auto-Union Type-C developed by Ferdinand Porsche became an icon in racing due to its revolutionary mid-engine arrangement and streamlined fairing.

With his Audi Streamline 75 Concept, former design student and current Audi designer Lukas Rittwage revives the 1937 Auto-Union Silver Arrow. With his modern interpretation, he combines the striking Type C proportions with typical features of today’s Audi design language.

The silhouette of the Audi Streamline 75 is reminiscent of an Audi R8

Starting with a model of the classic car that was as detailed as possible, Rittwage adapted the silhouette of the body step by step to the proportions of the Audi R8 super sports car. Initial sketches already show flatter shoulder sections in the form of the wheel arches, which above all make the vehicle appear more powerful overall. By means of geometric dependencies of the edges and gaps, the simple elegance of the prototype is clearly recognizable.

The final Audi Stromlinie 75 Concept shows the vision of a homage to an icon that set technical and design standards then as now. Only the anniversary number placed on the side makes clear the temporal difference between the two models – and the timelessness of the original’s design.

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