Mercedes-Benz - Aesthetics S Concept - Gorden Wagener

Aesthetics S – Mercedes-Benz Design Study Shows Future

Sculpture-like forms that are given structure and tension by character lines – these are the classic characteristics of Mercedes-Benz design. With Aesthetics S, the Stuttgart-based automobile manufacturer is staging the luxury sedan design of the future in an artistic way. The reduction to a minimalist relief with the essential elements of the side panel makes the significance of the lines visible.

“The sculpture emphasizes the artistic aspect of the design. The design and proportions communicate modern status, sensual forms and stylish sportiness”, says Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Aesthetics S is staged in three acts with light using state-of-the-art virtual design and realization tools. This short mood video visualizes the creativity of the designers. The projected light reflections not only create a three-dimensional world, but also convey one of the most important sources of inspiration for today’s transportation designers: nature with its flowing organic forms.

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