Mario Testino - In Your Face

Photo Exhibition “In Your Face” by Mario Testino Comes To Berlin

He is without doubt one of the most successful photographers in the world, his basic attitude: loud, expressive, and always a portion more extraordinary than others. As a London-based photographer, Mario Testino has been responsible for numerous photo spreads in publications ranging from VOGUE to Vanity Fair or for luxury fashion houses such as Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, or Chanel. Now the “photo pope” comes to Berlin with the exhibition “In Your Face”: The focus is on the joy of experimentation and diversity in Mario Testino’s photographic work and at the same time the irreverence, elegance, and contradictoriness of his images.

“In Your Face” as a way of expression by Mario Testino

“To me, In Your Face represents the freest way to express yourself. As someone who creates images, people always want to pigeonhole you”, the photographer says of the background to his exhibition. “But I think we define ourselves by different aspects and you’re just not always allowed to show them all, let alone let them coexist, as is visible in my exhibition.”

After Boston, Buenos Aires, and São Paolo, Berlin is the first European city to host Mario Testino’s exhibition of some 125 photographs.


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Berlin plays a significant role in Testino's life

Although many associate Testino with London because that’s where he’s had his primary residence for decades, it’s also Berlin that has had a major influence on his work – and presumably his free spirit. “Berlin has played a significant role in the development of my work. I’ve been collecting contemporary art for more than 20 years, so I keep coming back to Berlin to discover new and exciting things”, the photographer explains.

What an honor that Testino is adding three images to the retrospective exclusively for Berlin that were taken in the German capital: “In a way, it’s my way of saying thank you to this wonderful city.” The exhibition will begin on January 20 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and will be on view at the Kulturforum Art Library until July 26, 2015.

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