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Kai-Hendrik Schroeder: „Women Are Simple Great. Point.“

As a young photographer, getting the attention magazines and companies deserve is not easy. Social media can lead to significantly more channels, but also to significantly more comrades-in-arms. Discipline, continuity and creativity are essential. Kai-Hendrik Schroeder is such a photographer who is just about to take off.

If you enter the name Kai-Hendrik Schroeder into Google, you will quickly come across his website and his Tumblr and Instagram account. And there you see one thing above all: beautiful women. In everyday situations, in bed, in the kitchen, on the balcony, mostly in underwear or naked.

I like to photograph people, portraits. I also like to mix with fashion. There you can let off steam!

- Kai-Hendrik Schroeder

The play between light and shadow on the body of the models

The light is warm, the photo looks like a random snapshot – and yet somehow everything is right. Since early 2015, Kai has been working with natural light: “It’s playing with shadows and light on models’ bodies, telling home stories – women in private, photographed more in an observer style, simply taking beautiful photos during casual shootings, showing the beauty of women pure and raw.”

It all started with his older brother's camera.

About seven years ago he discovered photography for himself. After grabbing his older brother’s camera and playing around with the shots in nature, he was gripped. At 17, Kai bought his first camera, a Canon 450D. Meanwhile he photographs with a Canon 6D. Sometimes he moves from the digital to the analog world and gets his Yashica T4 or Leica Minilux out.

Photography as a perfect balance to training

When he is not aiming his camera at beautiful women, Kai-Hendrik Schroeder is currently completing his training as a media designer. His work as a photographer offers him the perfect balance to his daily office work. “Apart from that, I’m an absolute film fan, love hardstyle (festivals) and the relaxed evenings with my girlfriend, when I can just go completely down.”

This morning I tried to photograph a squirrel. Despite several attempts I didn't get it baked. And so the picture shows only a curb.

- Kai-Hendrik Schroeder

Aesthetics through clear, natural and undisguised style

Why are Kais photos so aesthetic? That’s probably because of his clear, natural and undisguised style. He is not interested in following all the rules of photography, but in capturing a beautiful photograph of the subject in front of him. A photo that you have memories of and that you like to look at years after you took it. His photographic models are Emanuele Ferrari and Ruhul Amin. If you look at their photos, you know why.

When you photograph people, mainly women, the question of fashion photography quickly arises. “I find fashion photography itself extremely exciting. You can experiment a lot, starting with the sets, through the outfits, to the retouching of the photos. What I still find hard to understand is that people usually suggest a false ideal. I am an absolute proponent of campaigns against the lean model madness.”

Kai’s already had some good results. His photo series have appeared in Yume Magazine, Hangover Magazine and C-Heads Magazine. The number of people who send him positive feedback via Instagram, Facebook or directly via email is growing all the time. And there are also plans for the future. We are curious to see what else you have in store, Kai!

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