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Nico Rosberg – Finally: The Official World Champion Book By Paul Ripke

Paul Ripke is having the night of his life at the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina on July 13, 2014. Mario Götze had just given the German team a 1-0 lead when DFB team manager Oliver Bierhoff gave the Hamburg photographer the go-ahead to do his number. Miraculously, Ripke and his Leica camera first made it behind the German coach’s bench and then even into the interior of the Maracanã Stadium, where he was the only photographer with his camera who didn’t leave our World Cup heroes’ side. The result was 15,000 pictures and a golden coffee-table book entitled “One Night in Rio”, which brings together the most intimate photos of the legendary night.

This action apparently impressed Joko Winterscheidt in particular, who together with Georg Nolte, Nico Rosberg’s manager, is said to have called Paul Ripke via Facetime and wanted to know if he would like to photograph Formula 1. “Four days later I was standing in Barcelona like counterfeit money and met Nico”, says the photographer, who now lives in California, on Instagram. And what followed was what had to follow: Nico Rosberg became Formula 1 World Champion and with the coffee table book “Finally” another unique book was created, which this time, however, is not available in stores.

“The coffee table book with around 300 photographs is limited to 1000 copies and is intended exclusively for family, friends, and partners of the Formula 1 world champion”, writes Paul Ripke on Instagram. “But in a kind of silent auction against a donation to our beloved Viva con Agua, there is still a chance to win one of the limited copies until December 31, 2016”. For full details on the auction, visit We’re keeping our fingers crossed for every donor.

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