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Adobe Creative Cloud Hits One Million Subscribers

Alongside Apple, the US software company Adobe is one of the pioneers when it comes to virtual product solutions. Last year, it made a relatively bold decision to completely dispense with CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, and other data carriers and to use the web as the only access route to the latest software versions, etc. The cloud-based creative software – Adobe Creative Cloud – is now breaking through. Initially met with strong criticism, the creative software from the cloud – Adobe Creative Cloud – has now broken through the barrier of one million users, according to a statement.

In the past quarter, the software manufacturer announced that it had gained around 331,000 subscribers. Accordingly, with a subscriber increase of around 47 percent, corporate customers seem to be taking to the Creative Cloud offering better than expected after all – which also exceeds the expectations of market observers, as reported by business agency Bloomberg.

Flashback: Adobe launched its Creative Cloud in May 2012 and announced about a year later that it would offer its Creative Suite and all other CS products only in a subscription model rather than as retail versions in the future.

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