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Adobe Buys Creative Community Béhance

The US software manufacturer Adobe is buying the creative network Béhance. According to Adobe, it wants to integrate the platform for designers, photographers, and artists into its Creative Cloud subscription service and thus further strengthen and expand it. The acquisition of Béhance is the second attempt to create a public creative platform after the Adobe Photographers Directory, which was quietly discontinued at the end of 2011 due to lack of demand.

The creative community Béhance was launched in 2006. Since then, around 30 million images and 2.3 million projects have been put online. In addition to the website, however, Béhance’s repertoire includes other features such as an iPhone app and a developer API. All Creative Cloud members will get access to the basic features of the creative platform, said David Wadhwani, head of digital media business at Adobe, in a blog post on

Adobe left it largely open exactly what the future will look like after the acquisition. As a first extension, easier exchange of data between the cloud storage service and Béhance is to be made possible. Furthermore, above all the internationalization will be advanced, said Adobe in its blog. The procedure should be similar to the acquisition of Typekit, a paid service that provides fonts for web applications. After the takeover of Adobe, Typekit was able to work and act as independently as possible.

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