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Between Throwback And Future: Levi’s Presents The Modern Vintage Logo

With the foundation of his company in 1853, Levi Strauss created a brand whose logo is known all over the world. In the past years, the American fashion and footwear company so changed its logo a few times – and so for this collection. The new Levi’s Modern Vintage logo is an elegant blend of the fonts used for advertising back in the late 19th century, as well as today’s look.

“A fine and light serif gives the font a modern look”, at least that’s what Levi’s press release says. This is exactly the point where the brand breaks with the past. Only the first Levi’s logo, dating back to 1853, features a fine serif, whereas, on the other hand, the trademark has managed quite well without one for the last hundred years.

A light serif is supposed to catapult Levi's logo into the modern age

Even additions such as the inscription “America’s most beautiful overalls” from 1943 as well as the phrase “vintage clothing” on the logo that first appeared entirely in red in 1954 were in a very simple, sans-serif font. Accordingly, the collection newly presented by Levi’s with the Modern Vintage logo, consisting of sweatshirts, T-shirts as well as beanies, is daring.

Is a light serif enough to catapult a mature logo into the modern age? Especially since Levi’s refers to its Modern Vintage logo as a modern “future version”. But even the majority of the winning typographies of the much-coveted “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” award from the Type Directors Club manage without any serifs – and yet these are the most beautiful typefaces of the year.

We agree that in the future, the modern version of Levi’s logo will continue to be sans serif and definitely not look like this. What do you think about it? Feel free to write us your feedback via comments and tell us if you would wear the SS21 collection with the Modern Vintage logo.

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