Alice Huynh - S/S Collection 2015 - Video

“Fresh off the Boat” By AMD Designer Alice M. Huynh.

Fresh off the Boat is known from the colloquial language of the Americans, which means as much as Fresh off the Boat – not after an exciting boat trip, but much more in a refugee story of the 70s by consequences of the Vietnam War. A tragic event that the parents of designer Alice M. Huynh also experienced – but also an event that helped their daughter to create a magnificent collection. Because the theme Fresh off the Boat is the central idea of the final collection for the Bachelor as a fashion designer.


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War, rape, hope and (survival) in focus

“The collection tells of war, flight, being alone, rape, but also of hope, nature and (over) life”, explains the up-and-coming designer. Known for minimalism and the basic idea “less is more”, for this collection the materiality is in the foreground for the electress from Munich. Those who know Alice personally or from her blog I heart Alice know that 95 percent of her outfits are black – the remaining five percent are sometimes marked by white highlights. She remains true to this style in her Fall/Winter 2015 collection – but on top, there are a few isolated golden highlights.

Alice creates a modern aesthetic combined with traces and emotions from her roots – a symbiosis that hints at a profound story behind each garment. “It’s probably one of the most emotional themes I’ve ever chosen for my work.”

I don't design trends because trends are short-lived and not what I want.

- Alice M. Huynh

Alice M. Huynh was inspired by the refugee story

While the designs are inspired by the refugee story, they are anything but obvious: the models don’t wear tattered clothes, nor does the lookbook evoke war. But that’s exactly the style of the elective Munich designer: restrained and not obvious. On the one hand, the comfortable cut constructions tell the story of the collection, but above all, the purposeful choice of materials conveys the idea. Shiny moiré is reminiscent of tree structures, “Teddy” fabric made of cotton reflects the restless sea, wool mix, and heavy jersey underline the stress of the extreme situation. “Paired with many light fabrics like pleated or silk, they give the collection something peaceful, something carefree in such a lifeless moment.”

A drive to create something beautiful that people love and tell stories, as well as images in the form of clothing, sums up the 24-year-old’s intention. Wearable fashion is as much an aspiration as not being commercial, wearing fashion comfortably and naturally. “Women and men who like it practical, who like it cozy and want to retreat once in a while when they are not in the foreground, that’s my target group”, Alice adds.

Fashion is an expression, a feeling and a universal language that can be understood by everyone around the world.

- Alice M. Huynh

“Those who see only fashion in fashion are stupid”, says Huynh

With the goal of finding a compromise between fashion design and fashion blogging, we keep a close eye on Alice, because the fact that Alice has incredible talent is not only confirmed by the award for Best Graduate Collection. The up-and-coming designer sums up her unique and modern signature with a quote from Honoré de Balzac: “He who sees only fashion in fashion is stupid.”

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