Vitra Branding - Packaging Design 1

Swiss Furniture Manufacturer Vitra With New Packaging Design

The winter is over, the days are getting longer again and slowly it is time for the annual spring cleaning. Maybe a new sofa, lights or accessories? If most people turn their entire home furnishings upside down, Vitra will be renewing its packaging design at the beginning of the year.

The Swiss family business was founded in 1950. Since then, the manufactory has been known for producing unique furniture that is as individual as the people who buy it. At the end of the day, the Vitra brand stands for “a lively furnishing with an individual character”, created by “a mixture of old and new, high and low, classic and zeitgeist”.

New vitra packaging design to underline aesthetic simplicity

Great designers such as George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames and Verner Panton have shaped Vitra's product image over the years. The Swedish creative agency BVD is all the more pleased, according to its own statement, that “after so many years of admiration, they now have the opportunity to shape the new packaging design of the traditional brand”.

Both the aesthetic simplicity of the products and the durability can be found in the new packaging design. The mix of coated and uncoated cardboard, characterized by a wide variety of illustrations, is intended to provide a glimpse of the product inside. Based on this, the color scheme of the illustration or typography was selected accordingly.

The vitra Packaging Design: As much as necessary, as little as possible

Overall, the new packaging design meets the need for clear identification with the Vitra brand through its shape, coloring and aesthetics. At the same time, it underlines the functionality and durability of the individual products - without any “frills” and the like. Always true to the motto: “As much as necessary, as little as possible”.