Jan Waterston - Velo Chair 1

The Bike Chair By Jan Waterston Shows What Is Possible With Wood

Bulky, old-fashioned and expensive. With the right idea and a little craftsmanship, one piece of wood can become a real work of art. This is also proven by the British designer Jan Waterston, who has developed a unique chair with his bike chair that pushes the limits of what is technically possible. Accordingly, it is not surprising that the Velo Chair received countless awards in 2016.

The dynamic Velo Chair is an answer to today's modern cycling sport, whose carbon racing bikes create a perfect connection between man and road thanks to their design. “I was fascinated by modern racing bikes because the connections between the custom-made frames flow elegantly into each other”, says Waterston and continues: “But on closer inspection there are many details that make a comfortable shape with the appropriate stability and aesthetics possible in the first place.”

The backrest of the Velo Chair is handmade in one piece.

Fascinated by cycling, the British designer began to explore the tasks and functions of modern bicycle design. He then designed the bike chair and manufactured most of it on his own workbench. The backrest reflects the uninterrupted frame of a modern racing bike and is made of a single, curved piece of ash wood. “Although I had made a lot of sketches, I didn't know if the material would be stable enough to take such a shape”, says Waterston.

A closer look reveals that many of the chair elements are based on the components of modern cycling. According to the designer, they are supposed to create a unique connection between man, chair and floor. For example, the curved back seat surface is an attempt to manoeuvre the user into a healthy sitting position without being uncomfortable.

But what do you say to the extraordinary bike chair by Jan Waterston? Could you imagine sitting in that futuristic chair all day? Let us know in the comments.