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With This Trick Photographers Are Able to Post Photos to Instagram From Their Mac

For a long time now, many architects and designers, but above all photographers, have been looking for a way to easily post their images and designs on Instagram from their MacBook - and now there's a way.

The online magazine Lifehacker has found an unofficial trick that allows photographers to publish their images directly from the MacBook to Instagram without the need for third-party applications or services such as Iconosquare. The only thing you need is Google Chrome, the web browser of the US company Google. And this is how it works...

After you've edited your pictures with Adobe Lightroom, for example, save them to your MacBook desktop and open Google Chrome. After you log in to Instagram. com, open the web browser's Developer Tools menu, which is located in the menu: View > Developer > Developer Tools. You can now adjust the screen size (see screenshot; red circle) so that Instagram thinks you've accessed the mobile website with your iPhone and displayed the toolbar/navigation and upload function.

No official solution, but still practical

The trick to post your own images and designs on Instagram is not an official Instagram solution, but still saves time to publish images directly from MacBook to Instagram. But there are not only advantages. One disadvantage would be, for example, that you cannot access the image editing tools and filters that Instagram brings with it.

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