Tobias Wirth - Modefotograf - Workstation

Tobias Wirth: This Is How The Fashion Photographer's Workplace Looks Like

The works of Tobias Wirth swim against the mainstream and rebel in a calm and beautifully honest way against the usual standard of technical de-personalization. But not only with his works - See. Breathe. Feel. – the Berlin fashion photographer can convince the Berlin fashion photographer of himself, but also with his workplace, which is primarily kept minimalist, purpose-bound and above all extremely straightforward.

As a photographer, you are always surrounded by many people during production. As a contrast to this, it is important that complete peace and quiet prevails in the office.

Tobias Wirth

As far as the workplace is concerned, an appealing design that meets his expectations is a basic requirement for daily creativity. “In my work as a photographer for international clients and magazines, production is always surrounded by a lot of people with whom you communicate continuously during a shooting and thus create a high noise level.

As a contrast to this, it is important for me that when I work on pictures in my office, develop concepts or pursue other office activities, there is complete peace of mind”, Tobias Wirth explains and goes on: “The black desk lets me relax and concentrate better on my work.”