Top 15 Instagram-Inspirationen - Lisa Olsson

The Top 15 Inspirations on Instagram This Week

A new series of articles is launched: With our “Top 15 Instagram-Inspirations” we want to present you with a new selection of inspiring recordings on Instagram every week. We are less interested in the number of likes or followers of the individual Instagram accounts than in the creativity and quality of the recordings.

We want to start with a colourful mix of architecture, design and photography. For example, Nina Schwichtenberg @fashiioncarpet and Patrick Kahlo @patkahlo gave us great insights into their common living room. In addition, designer Reid Schlegel @reid.schlegel shows us how he leads a sketch workshop and photographer David Biedert @davidbiedert how he produces new shots in Santorini, the white city of Greece.

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How do you like our selection of this week's Top 15 Instagram inspirations? If you know any other Instagram accounts that need to be considered next week, please leave a comment or send us a message to @designlovr. We look forward to your feedback.