Hälssen & Lyon - The Teabag Collection 1

The “The Teabag Collection” - Tea Bags That Look Like Handbags


It all began in 1879, when Alfred Moritz Lyon and Gustav Vincent Hälssen founded the almost same-named company “Hälssen & Lyon”. Meanwhile, the Hamburg-based tea trading company looks back on a 130-year history and is still following the trend. Together with the renowned fashion and handbag designer Ayzit Bostan, Hälssen & Lyon has now created the “The Teabag Collection”, which makes real tea bags look like small handbags.

Each of the handbags in the tea bag format is a real unicum

The “The Teabag Collection” was presented for the first time last year at Berlin Fashion Week. The promotional mailing was intended to draw attention to the product range of Hälssen & Lyon and was sent to selected customers after the Berlin Fashion Week. The tea bags made of silk and cotton are strictly limited, as each of the "handbags" and the associated boxes are handmade.

What do you think of the Ayzit Bostan collection? Would you like to drink the tea from Hälssen & Lyon or would you prefer to keep the unique bag? Let us know in the comments.