Archimède Table - Boulon Blancs 1

Archimède: From Couch to Dining Table In Just One Move

“Our professional backgrounds and our passion lie in design and development in the aviation and automotive industries”, says the creatives of the French design studio Boulon Blancs. This is also the reason why the Archimède table in its form and elements reminds of a fighter jet or a mechanical clock. “Our inspiration for design comes from the aerospace and watchmaking industries”, the designers agree. The table can be transformed from a couch table into a dining table in no time at all.

The legs of the Archimède table are divided into two V-shaped modules and connected to each other by an articulation. This allows the table to be moved from a high to a lower position with the help of a skillful movement. Conversely, the springs pull the individual table legs back to their original position before the weight of the table is fixed in place. “Our aim was to advance furniture design by means of simple technology and clear lines. Inspired by the aircraft and propeller design, which is closely related to the laws of physics, we have developed a unique table called Archimède.”

With their table, the creative minds at Boulon Blancs bring a breath of fresh air to the furniture industry. But how do you like the Archimède with its combination of form and function? Would the couch or dining table be something for your apartment? We look forward to your feedback in the comments.