Steve Jobs - BMW Z8 - RM Sothebys Auction 1

BMW Z8 By Steve Jobs To Be Auctioned For 400,000 US Dollars

Steve Jobs is considered one of the greatest visionaries in the design and technology industry. With products such as the Apple iMac, the Apple iPhone or the MacOS operating system, he presented innovations that often represented a milestone in the industry. Thanks to him, sayings like "Think Different" or "One More Thing" became revolutionary, but his private life kept jobs covered.

However, it is well known that Steve Jobs is said to have had a penchant for German cars. For example, not only various BMW brand motorcycles and a Mercedes-Benz SLS were in his private possession, but also a BMW Z8, of which the former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is said to have convinced him. Just this BMW Z8 will be auctioned at RM Sotheby's in a few days.

Steve Jobs hated the built-in Motorola phone

Produced in April 2000, the BMW Z8 with its silver-coloured exterior and simple black interior corresponded exactly to the taste of Steve Jobs. The founder of Apple is said to have been particularly fascinated by the noble ornaments, which, like the curved fittings, were extremely modern at that time, considering that the sports car was produced more than 17 years ago. Even a Motorola phone was integrated, but this is supposed to have hated jobs.

BMW ushered in a new era with the design of the Z8

In terms of technology and design, the futuristic model of the Z8 was a leap into the future with which BMW wanted to clearly set itself apart from the competition. The BMW Z8 impressed not only Steve Jobs but also many other connoisseurs who took the sporty convertible straight to their hearts with its lovely, round exterior appearance and smaller accents - such as the fog lights, which are reminiscent of the 2002ti.

So if you are an absolute fan of the BMW Z8, you could soon become Steve Jobs' vehicle: On December 6,2017, the collector's item is to be auctioned at RM Sotheby's, with the auction house estimating the value of the vehicle at around 300,000 to 400,000 US dollars. A bargain, right?!