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Attention Canon And Nikon! Will Snapchat Be The Next Big Camera Company?

The world is changing. In addition to the automotive and energy sectors, in which brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Tesla or the enera project are stimulating new ways of thinking and creating innovations, the film and photography industries are in a state of flux. In particular, the social media app Snapchat is known to have had a strong impact on the way people share photos with each other. But that's not enough for Evan Spiegel, since the 26-year-old founder wants to focus on manufacturers of camera hardware and Snap Inc. to the next big camera company.

It began with the renaming of the company behind Snapchat's popular social media app to “Snap Inc.” At the end of September, Evan Spiegel had joked that the new name was meant for “the people on Wall Street, but if you look at the new company website at snap. com, you can see what's behind the renaming of the app with the ghost as logo: Snap Inc. is a camera company.

War die Sonnenbrille Spectacles erst der Anfang?

According to the latest information published in June 2016, Snapchat already has more than 150 million active users a day and is already more popular than Twitter. In addition, the young company has already gained initial experience with the smart “Spectacles” sunglasses, in which a camera is integrated, in the field of camera hardware. All of this - and the planned IPO, which according to media reports could be valued at up to 30 billion dollars, which is approximately four billion dollars of income for Snap Inc. is an important building block for not only continuing to digitize the film and photography industry, but also for lastingly changing it.

As Business Insider claims to have discovered, Snap Inc. We have been looking for suitable hardware companies - in niches such as camera drones, portable mini and action cameras and augmented and virtual reality - for some time now to take over these tasks. According to the report, for example, there have been initial talks with the developers Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow, who have had tremendous success with the Lily selfie drone from the outset.

Wird Snap Inc. am Ende fünf Mal höher bewertet als Nikon?

Further Snap Inc. the Swedish camera manufacturer Narrative, which caused a stir with its portable camera as early as 2014. The Lifeblogging camera is worn directly on the body and takes photos all day long automatically, so that everyday life is documented “live” and in colour. In conjunction with the snapchat network and its millions of active users, as well as the Stories feature, taking over narratives would be a worthwhile investment. But is that enough to push Canon and Nikon off the old-established throne?

No matter what one thinks about the speculations, if the planned IPO and the associated valuation of up to 30 billion dollars should prove true, Snap Inc. 5 times higher than Nikon (approx. 6 billion dollars) and are roughly equivalent to Canon (approx. 32 billion dollars). At the latest then the camera company Snap Inc. a direct competitor that Japanese companies would have to be careful of.