Shiki-Shima - Japan Luxury Train 1

Shiki-Shima: The Japanese Luxury Train Offers Suites And Panoramic Views

In Japan's metropolitan regions, many people are romping in the tightest of spaces. No wonder that the new Shiki-Shima train of the East Japan Railway Company offers such spectacular highlights and resembles a rolling five-star hotel.

The champagne-coloured luxury train with its ten carriages will travel from Tokyo to the northern island of Hokkaido and back for about four days. The Shiki-Shima train offers a comfort that makes even the Orient Express look old: passengers can relax in a five-star lounge, the bathrooms are made of cypress wood, there is a bar with a “fireplace” and so-called Horigotatsu, traditional foot warmers underneath the tables embedded in the floor. If that's not enough, you can admire the beautiful nature of Japan in one of the two cars with a panoramic view.

The Japanese luxury train made its maiden voyage in May of this year and has been fully booked up to and including March 2018. The most expensive suite on the Shiki-Shima train costs around $8,645. Would it be worth it?! We look forward to your feedback in the comments.