Saturn - Advertising Anna - Jung Von Matt

Dementia And Emotions: The Saturn Commercial “Anna” Is Great!

It's now two years since EDEKA and Jung von Matt broke all click records on the net with their #heimkommen Christmas clip - and the Hamburg advertisers are already showing great emotions again.

With “Anna”, Saturn and Jung von Matt present a 90-second commercial that doesn't aim directly at Christmas, but takes up a similarly emotional theme: dementia. One person's memories fade away, the other's feelings remain. At first, you might think it's a joke when your father hides the toothbrush and toothpaste in his shoe, but the subsequent alternating bath of feelings is usually difficult for those affected.

This is also shown by the Saturn commercial “Anna”, which, in keeping with the new brand positioning, makes technology "tangible". As W&V editor Markus Weber has already written,“the film is much closer to the product” and that makes it even more tangible for the target group, in contrast to the EDEKA commercial.

But what do you think of the clip? Is the Saturn commercial the next viral hit? Or is the new advertising grandpa not well received? We look forward to your comment.