SAOTA - OVD 919 - Luxus-Domizil 1

Luxury Residence “OVD 919” by SAOTA Presents Unique Panoramic View

It was to be a luxury residence of a special kind, at least that was the client's wish to the six-member SAOTA project team. With OVD 919, the South African architectural firm has created a first-class residential building that not only offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Camps Bay's “Robben Island” World Heritage Site, but also relies on many modern and timeless design elements.

Situated on a cliff, the luxury residence has two units, the living and dining area including terrace, garden and pool are on the ground floor. The modern interior impresses with its bright colors, whereby the SAOTA architects have attached great importance to earth tones. On the second floor there are both the bedrooms and the winter lounge of the OVD 919 domicile, from which you have a fantastic view of the sea.

Especially inspiring is the architecture designed by SAOTA and its different inspirations, as almost all rooms are completely different depending on the viewing angle and thus provide peace for the observer. Complemented by the interior design of the Studio Parkington, the OVD 919 villa becomes a real highlight, don't you think?!