Leica - Andreas Kaufmann - CNBC Asia

Will Leica Soon Be Presenting Its First Own “Leica Phone”?!

Already in grandfather's time Leica was known for high quality cameras - and now it seems that the German company based in Wetzler is heading into new territories. In an interview with news broadcaster CNBC Asia, Supervisory Board Chairman and company owner Andreas Kaufmann suggested that he would like the company to have its own smartphone, in which the camera not only plays a supporting role.

Apple refused, Huawei struck

A few years ago, Leica had already tried to initiate a joint collaboration with Apple to develop a high quality camera for future iPhone, but Apple refused. Huawei, on the other hand, who successfully collaborated with Leica to bring the Huawei P9 to market. The dual camera, which comes from Leica's forge and, despite its unusually high quality and uniqueness, simply joins the list of good smartphone cameras - and thus follows the cameras of Apple, Sony or Samsung. For young photographers, the Huawei P9 was a nice gadget, but still rather unsuitable for professional photography. But Andreas Kaufmann has apparently been licking blood.

Does Kaufmann just start the rumor mill?

During the interview with CNBC Asia, Leica owner Andreas Kaufmann gave a concrete account of the future plans with Huawei. He wants a smartphone that doesn't have to struggle with the usual problems that compact photography brings with it. His personal vision is a smartphone that, despite its normal dimensions, offers a camera that is recognized by the professional world of photography as suitable and can also be used with DSLR cameras. But it is still a long way to go before smartphones reach this point.

In a further suggestion, Kaufmann questioned whether two camera systems for a smartphone were sufficient at all. He may have given an indication of the future of the cooperation between Leica and Huawei. It is speculated that his suggestion is linked to the Light L16 compact camera, which a few months ago, with its 16 camera lenses, caused a lot of excitement and excitement and is already sold out. But what do you think, could there soon be a “Leica Phone” of its own? Or does Kaufmann just boost the rumor mill? We are looking forward to your opinion. Feel free to leave us feedback in the comments.