Studio de Lange - Amit Geron - Risphon House 1

Tailor-Made Residential House by Studio de Lange For Art Lovers

As a true art lover, you should know that light is not only used for staging, but also to create a certain atmosphere or to significantly influence the perception of space or the effect of the exhibits. This is exactly what the architects of the Israeli Studio de Lange took into account when modernising the Rishpon House. The modern residential building near Tel Aviv is tailor-made for art lovers.

The Rishpon House with its tidy and cool atmosphere is the ideal place to present appropriate exhibits and also serves as a family home. The modernised building, designed and built by the architects of Studio de Lange, is located on an 8000 square metre plot of land and consists of two blocks of flats joined together by a glass corridor in the shape of a T.

The interior is kept simple and clean

The interior of the Rishpon House is kept simple and clean, so that the individual exhibits, whether paintings or product art, stand in the foreground. The open living and dining room area is furnished with a variety of furniture and lounge concepts to provide the appropriate comfort. The Rishpon House is rounded off by a magnificent garden concept including palms and pool, which was created by “Zur Wolf Landscape Architecture”.

Especially in Japanese architecture magazines, Studio de Lange's Rishpon House is the dream of every minimalist. But how do you see it?! Please feel free to tell us your opinion in the comments.