Rankin - Mazda3 Shooting 1

Star Photographer Rankin Puts New Mazda3 Stylistically In Scene

“The Mazda3 is all about the feeling and energy that the unique design brings with it”, says Rankin, who is known for his strong character portraits and elaborate fashion shoots, among other things. The British star photographer has entered into an artistic liaison with the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda to stage the new Mazda3 and Mazda3 Fastback models in a six-part picture series.

“We don't design to measure, we design to feel”, says Mazda chief engineer Mitsumi about the brand's design philosophy. “And it is precisely this feeling that the exceptional photographer has captured and transported in an elegant photo series. His mission was to express the emotions and energy that the Takumi clay modelers let flow into the handcrafted clay sculptures, thus emphasizing the soul of Japanese craftsmanship”, continues Mitsumi.

With his Mazda3 pictures Rankin shows lots of soul and motion

At the end of the elaborate photo shoot, a six-part series of pictures was created, which strongly characterizes the Mazda design philosophy “Kodo - Soul of Motion”. Each of the pictures represents a significant feeling - from momentum to serenity - that Rankin captured in his stylistic photography.

“I wanted not only to show the essence of Mazda3, but also to awaken emotions in the viewer”, says Rankin. “The pictures were supposed to be really sensual, so I approached the shooting in a completely different way: Instead of editing the images, I created the movements through the incidence of light and actual camera movements that literally bring the car to life for the viewer”.