Phil the Bottle - Design 1

Phil the Bottle: Water Bottle With Drinking Fountain Addresses

Did you know that only one in ten plastic bottles in the world is recycled? Quite frightening when you consider that every German consumes around 200 plastic bottles a year, even though drinking water is one of the best controlled foods in the country. All the more exciting is the alternative designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso: Phil the Bottle - a water bottle that takes you to the next drinking water well in the world.

Whether in New York, Berlin or Paris, with Phil the Bottle the designer, who lives in Helsinki and comes from Italy, would like to remind people to make frequent use of public drinking fountains instead of always buying new plastic bottles in discount stores, especially when on the move.

The highlight of Phil the Bottle: The minimalist water bottle is designed for different cities and lists on the back all the places where you can find a drinking fountain to refill. The bottle itself is made of PETG, a durable and recyclable plastic, so it doesn't carry much weight when travelling. Also, you don't have to panic about drinking the drinking water from public wells, as all of the wells listed on Phil the Bottle are safe and closely monitored.

What do you think about Emanuele Pizzolorusso's product design? Would the design water bottle be a practical alternative for you to buy less polluting plastic bottles? We look forward to hearing from you.