Barack Obama - Pete Souza 23

Pete Souza Publishes Illustrated Book: Obama - An Intimate Portrait

For eight years, he has been following Barack Obama every step of the way: Pete Souza was the White House's chief photographer at the time of Ronald Regan and subsequently made Barack Obama the coolest president of all time. With “Obama: An Intimate Portrait”, he now presents a 352-page illustrated book containing his favourite photos from the 44th US President's eight-year term of office.

As chief photographer, Pete Souza had a top-level security clearance, enabling him to track Barack Obama at every important meeting and event. “I've been there the whole time”, he says. Souza estimates that during Obama's tenure, he took around two million pictures - some days even more than 2,000 - and the celebrated photographer's new illustrated book shows some of them and is now available for 34.99 euros as hardcover at Amazon.

You'll also find the best photos of Barack Obama's tenure in our article from about a year ago. What do you say to the footage of Pete Souza?