Paul Ripke - Jerome Boateng - Selfie

This Is Your Chance: Paul Ripke Is Looking For „Mini-Paul“ Edition 2018

Such opportunities are rare: Already in January 2017 Paul Ripke called for cooperation and looked for a “Mini”-Paul. After receiving far more than 800 applications and finding a real talent with Chris Schwarz, the star photographer was already looking for a “further brother in the DTM edition” for Chris in March 2017 - and found it with success!

Now Paul Ripke has called up again on Facebook and with the Mini-Paul 03 he is again looking for a representative in Germany in the year 2018. Among other things, it is about the accompaniment of rapper Materia, but also about sports and other music events. The whole thing starts on February 01,2018.

If you are interested in becoming the next Mini-Paul, then you can send a 60-second video - 30 seconds introduce yourself; another 30 seconds to present your previous work - simply apply here: