Lisa Pearce - Origin Lookbook 1

Back To The Origin: The Sustainable Collection Of Lisa Pearce

“Origin” comes from English and means origin, origin. Today we often look for our origin, lose sight of it now and then, but in difficult situations we are usually reminded of it again. Our origins shape us and make up a very large part of our personality, even if sometimes you may not really notice it.

Origin and origin, however, also points to something that was there before us. That something's built up before us, that's developed. Lisa Pearce, young designer and graduate of the AMD Akademie Mode & Design Düsseldorf has also dealt with the origin in her final thesis and has mainly examined the life and the perception of the last indigenous peoples of the High North. Her collection is entitled “Origin A/W 2016/17”.

Inspiration: the last indigenous peoples of the High North

Should today's society take into account the basic understanding of indigenous peoples towards nature and its fellow human beings as a source of inspiration for a sustainable life? As you can see from Lisa's superficial question, sustainability and natural awareness are her main concerns. How do we perceive our environment today? How do we deal with her? Are we thinking about tomorrow? Or do we not care how we leave something behind, how we deal with people, whether our behaviour and its consequences can be thrown back on us at some point?

Green design far from boredom

Sustainability does not automatically mean undemanding design in the form of eco slippers. Everyone should be aware of this by now. But despite a growing demand for recycled materials and sustainable and fairly produced fashion, this market in particular is an untapped potential. And that's exactly where Lisa Pearce wants to start.

Lisa Pearce opts for luxury recycling with Origin

The material clearly shows how well sustainability can be combined with elegance. The designer has used exclusively natural, vegetable and animal materials, including hemp knitwear, wool, leather and silk. And fox. The special thing about the fox fur is that it was recycled and originally decorated old fur jackets. No other animals had to give their lives for the “Origin” collection and the old fur did not get dusty somewhere in the cupboard.

Definition through tradition

With the last indigenous peoples of the far north, Lisa Pearce's inspiration also lies in the field of traditions. Handicraft is a tradition among the indigenous peoples and is passed down from generation to generation. The collection is dominated by knitwear and tops. The coarse top is the key-piece of the collection. Its versatility makes it easy to combine and is often found in outfits. He develops an exciting contrast to materials such as flowing silk. Layering and structures create a tense collection picture.

Accessories and the smallest parts of the collection are also sustainable. The buttons are made of mother-of-pearl, the jewellery comes from a Hamburg designer who produces exclusively fairly and by hand.

The design of the future

With her collection Lisa Pearce shows how versatile the world of sustainability can be. New treasures can be created from the old without giving the impression of patchwork. Elegance and expression are to be mentioned in one breath with sustainability and this will hopefully shape our design and purchasing behaviour in the coming years.