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That's Why The Nikon Camera Factory In Jiangsu Is Closed

They are getting better and better: the smartphone cameras. In recent years, this has led to a large number of cooperation agreements between smartphone manufacturers and camera giants such as Leica and Co. confirmed. For example, the new iPhone X camera and the Carl Zeiss lenses, which ensure fast and relatively high quality recordings in many Nokia smartphones. No wonder the digital camera market is suffering from this. Nikon, for example, has to live with the consequences and immediately closes the company's own production plant in the Chinese province of Jiangsu.

Nikon has been known and respected in the world of photography for many years. With high-quality compact cameras, the Japanese have been able to offer the world's viewers the opportunity to capture memories in a wide variety of situations, even as a simple user. However, sales figures continue to decline. The smartphone boom and the constantly improving integrated cameras are creating problems for the company - and the classic compact camera is no longer necessary for many.

Traditional camera manufacturers are losing market power and becoming marginal products

Photography companies such as Nikon are now being pushed into a niche market, as current smartphone cameras now cover almost all the demands and requirements that the mass market places on them. Except in more professional areas, where small smartphone optics can't reach the big lenses even with the best software, there is hardly any need for another device if you can take great pictures with a smartphone and a few simple tips. 

The closure of the production plant in Jiangsu will affect about 2,300 jobs. The closure is to be part of the restructuring process announced last November. Nevertheless, the decision is met with harsh criticism. One of the reasons for this is also the 100th anniversary of the manufacturer, which takes place this year. But what do you think about it? Will you remain loyal to camera manufacturer Nikon in the future?