New York Horizon - Design Concept 1

New York Horizon: Glass Wall Around Central Park To Change NYC

Central Park is one of the places that make New York a great city to live in. The two designers Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu, who presented their concept “New York Horizon” at the annual Evolo Skyscraper Competition, find this to be an opportunity to make NYC's green lungs even more attractive.

The concept of the two award winners is based on lowering the 1.3 km area of Central Park by 300 meters so that the park landscape is characterized by hills, valleys and lakes as well as exposed rocks on which NYC was built. According to the two designers, the surrounding open space is to be enclosed in a kind of building, so that a thick wall of highly reflective glass panels reflects the surrounding space to infinity and thus creates a nine horizon - the New York Horizon.

New York Horizon offers 80 times more floor space than the Empire State Building

In completing their project, Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu also considered NYC's lack of usable space. In the surrounding high-rise development, not only habitable housing units but also shops, libraries or museums, for example, can be created on many levels. The advantage: All “Skyscrapers” offer an undisturbed view into the “new nature”. In addition, thanks to the exposed rocks, almost every imaginable sport and leisure activity will be possible in the future.

But let's be honest: Would you like to go climbing in Central Park in New York or go hiking? Write us your opinion about New York Horizon in the comments. We are looking forward to the exchange!