Nespresso - Design Award Infinit 1

Nespresso Design Competition: Sustainable Toothbrush „Infinit“ Has Won


“The range of ideas is fascinating”, says Evelyne Wrobbel, Marketing Director at Nespresso Germany, alluding to the diversity of the 250 projects submitted for this year's Nespresso Design Competition.

Together with the creative platform Jovoto, Nespresso had called in June 2017 for the creation of a high quality secondary aluminium product to demonstrate the benefits and versatility of the material - while at the same time promoting young talent. “Design is deeply rooted in our DNA”, explains Evelyne Wrobbel and continues: “That's why design competitions like this one are a perfect platform for us”. The three halftime winners have already shown how high the quality of the individual design ideas is. “The response to Nespresso's design project was above average”, says Conradin Sonnenberg, Creative Strategy Director at Jovoto.

Tolga Tuncer and Cagatay Afsar win the Nespresso Design Competition

In the course of the Nespresso Design Contest, more than 250 design ideas were submitted, ranging from an intelligent bicycle lamp to functional chairs, smartphone covers and folding scooters. However, the winner was the product design of the toothbrush „Infinit – The Iconic Toothbrush“ by Tolga Tuncer and Cagatay Afsar. “With our idea we wanted to combine aesthetics with utility and sustainability”, said the two designers, proving how versatile the material of secondary aluminium is.

The „Infinit“ toothbrush stands on an elegant base made of secondary aluminium, which is rounded and balanced in such a way that it can tilt, but cannot fall over. Depending on the wear and tear of the brush head, it can be easily replaced if necessary, thus contributing to waste prevention.

In the end, Tolga Tuncer and Cagatay Afsar solve an everyday problem with their idea through clever design and win the prize money of 2.500 euros.