Nespresso - Design-Wettbewerb - Halbzeitgewinner

Nespresso Design Competition: These Are The Three Halftime Winners


Recycling inspires, or at least this is shown by the design competition that Nespresso is currently holding on the creative platform Jovoto. At the mid-term stage of the competition, 119 design ideas were submitted to demonstrate in a creative way how functional objects made of so-called secondary aluminium can look like. “Nespresso stands for simple and functional design and it's really great to see how exactly this inspires the creative”, says Evelyne Wrobbel, Marketing Director at Nespresso Germany.

This includes design ideas such as the technical pencil by Mario Barbieri, the recyclable triple karabiner by Szymonwit or the E-Cafe Racer Bike by Eduard Betiuc, even if they still have to be optimised and improved in some places. In contrast, the “Infinit - The Iconic Toothbrush”, the “Kick it! Scooter” and the smartphone cases “An everyday Reminder”, which were awarded halftime winners and each received an award of 250 euros.

Nespresso stands for simple and functional design.

Evelyne Wrobbel

Infinit Toothbrush

Designer: Tolga Tuncer, Cagatay Afsar

The toothbrush is a really smart product design that finds a clever solution to an everyday problem. The secondary aluminium base cannot tip over because of its construction and when the brush comes to the end of its life cycle, only the brush head is replaced. In the end, less waste is produced than when disposing of a complete plastic brush

An everyday Reminder

Designer: Eduard Betiuc

The smartphone case is just that - a daily reminder of recycling. The smartphone is probably one of the things that people most often take into their hands today. The simple smartphone case made of recycled aluminium reminds you of the importance of recycling every time.

Kick it! Scooter

Designer: Eduard Betiuc

The foldable scooter convinces with an appealing, simple design for a useful everyday object. It also integrates the issue of sustainability in two ways - it also offers a holder for Nespresso's reusable Travel Mug. A sustainable alternative to disposable coffee-to-go cups made of cardboard or plastic.

All further details on the design ideas submitted so far can be found on the creative platform In addition, it is still possible to submit additional product designs made of secondary aluminium until 25 July 2017. What do you think, which of the ideas submitted so far will eventually win the race? We look forward to your feedback in the comments.