Nendo - YKK Zipper Design

Nendo Rethinks Zipper Design For YKK

This question was the starting point for a design thinking process of the Japanese design studio Nendo. Together with the renowned manufacturer YKK, the designers wanted to find out what demands were placed on the fastener and what functions it had to offer today. In the end, Nendo presented five new designs that take today's zipper to a new level.

“A modern zipper is a string of fasteners that are aligned with each other in a straight line and interlock or separate, depending on the movement of the slider”, the Nendo designers agreed from the outset. But that is not all. The approximately 1-minute concept video of the “Zippppper”-project shows how many functionalities a zipper can bring with it in an aesthetic way.

Everything is possible, from simple intersections to challenging gaps and the connection of three elements. But what do you think about the zipper design developed by Nendo? We look forward to your feedback in the comments.