Mygdal - Nui Studio - Plant Lamp 1

Mygdal Plant Lamp By Nui Studio

Everyone of us knows it from our own experience: When the sun is shining, everything goes better. The right light contributes decisively to our well-being and performance. According to British Cardiff University researchers, indoor plants are also expected to increase productivity by 15 percent on average. The only hooks on the thing, they need correspondingly much light and have to be cared for in a certain regularity. No great effort, but not an easy undertaking in times of urbanization and ever more hectic everyday life.

Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke from the Nui Design Studio have now addressed this problem. With Mygdal, the two product designers have developed a plant lamp that not only accommodates a houseplant in the interior, but also allows it to flourish without the need for sunlight and water.

Mygdal as homage to the dark days of Denmark

“The idea for Mygdal was born when we visited a glassblower in northern Denmark for a joint project”, says Emilia Lucht to the enormous magazine. Mygdal is a homage to the Danish home village of the glassmaker Peter Kuchinke and means “fertile soil”.

Mygdal is made of hand-blown glass and aluminium. The closed ecosystem allows the houseplants to feed themselves: “When the light is switched on, they can carry out photosynthesis and as soon as it is dark around them, they consume the oxygen they have produced again.”

Mygdal is product design at its best

At first glance, what looks so easily “simply made” at first glance is in the end a great product design: “The aesthetic combination of light and plants inside the handmade glass luminaire creates a calming atmosphere”, says Arne Sebrantke.

The Mygdal luminaire is available in three different sizes, from suspended luminaires of different sizes to standard lamps. At the moment, however, there is no more precise information on Mygdal's price, as it will take some time before the plant light comes on the market. Until then, we wish all interested parties a relaxed “hanging out”.