MUJI - Micro Huts 1

MUJI's Minimalist Micro Houses Can Be Ordered Now

Everyone of us has surely seen locations where a holiday home would be an absolute dream. Nature can reveal a beautiful place and allow you to escape from the madness of the big city, to breathe deeply and just relax. 

But for this brief moment of absolute tranquillity, not everyone can afford to have a complete holiday home built, in order to ruin the beautiful nature with the big building. Thus downsizing and minimalism speak for themselves. However, since tents and sleeping bags are not always a comfortable and, above all, not a longer-term solution, you can either opt for a caravan or the MUJI micro house.

Small. Smaller. MUJI: Minimalism elegantly perfected

At the beginning of the year, the Japanese company MUJI showed everyone what they mean by “camping holidays”. The newly presented micro houses are an elegant way to have a longer-term sleeping place at your own “Happy Place” without disfiguring it.

The cabin's interior measures less than 10 square metres. The building, made of Japanese wood, presents itself in a very simple rectangular shape with a roof that descends to the front. The short entrance area offers enough space to accommodate a small sitting area or two sun loungers. The sliding door, which takes up almost the entire front of the hut, provides warm sunlight into the interior and provides pleasant lighting during the day. This is also supported by the wooden walls and the light-coloured mortar flooring.

Up to four people find a comfortable place to sleep

Up to four persons should be able to comfortably find a sleeping place in the small interior. This would result in just 2.5 square metres per person, which would make each student flat a luxury apartment. There is no bathroom, but a fireplace, which provides cosy warmth and can be used as a kitchen substitute. 

What do you think about the microhouses? Would you pay the equivalent of just under 23,000 euros to set up the small, elegant hut at your personal “Happy Place”? MUJI offers the first in Japan for sale. It is not yet clear when the microhouses will also be available on the European market. But we hope for it and are eagerly awaiting the future.