Leffers - Modehaus Oldenburg - Winter 2017 Schaufenster 1

Shop Windows: Christmas at Leffers Modehaus in Oldenburg

While the first snowflakes fall from the sky and it smells temptingly like sweet pastries and other delicacies everywhere, Leffers celebrates a very special party: Under the motto “Leffers X-MAS Dinner”, the Oldenburg fashion house has transformed its own lavishly and opulently decorated shop windows into an ultimate Christmas feast.

In the spring of this year, Leffers had already demonstrated the importance of responding to the customer's needs with the three newly opened theme worlds of the “Glücksmacher” department. With the X-MAS Dinner Showcase, the team around Nicole Legantke and Adela Baffa has once again created an emotional shopping atmosphere that arouses interest and curiosity. For example, the traditional was elegantly and modernly staged with much loving attention to detail. Dark colours were also combined with fresh eucalyptus, bright aubergine and gold. 

No wonder that many passers-by stop in front of the shop window and are attracted by the many different details. But what do you think about the ultimate feast? We have put together some impressions of the Leffer X-MAS Dinner and are looking forward to your comment.