MK House - Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 1

The MK House in Antwerp by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects

The MK House in Antwerp presents itself as an absolute masterpiece for us. With its minimalist yet unique design, Nicolas Schuybroek Architects presents a work of art that looks harmonious and perfect down to the last detail. Those who do not constantly walk around with their mouths open in this environment have missed a lot.

Nicolas Schuybroek has been in Brussels for six years now and has a clearly defined goal. With his own studio, he focuses on the creation and implementation of architecture, interiors and objects that are characterized by a strong sense of detail, craftsmanship and intuition while still conveying a feeling of warmth. His search for timeless minimalism and seemingly simple solutions are at the heart of his work, as is his love for unusual materials. The results do not impart any effort whatsoever, but merely a subdued elegance. And then you start to plan your new home and make a note of all the digits of your phone number. Nicolas Schuybroek was chosen as one of the “Top 100 Designers by AD France” for a good reason. And that's directly three times in the last four years.

A piece of modernity in the historical centre of the Belgian port city

In the middle of the historical centre of the Belgian port city is the MK House. The owner-occupied house, built in the early nineteenth century, was already in the shade of some surrounding houses due to its strong dark façade before the extensive remodelling measures, but was very dark and narrowly designed by the interior.

After the extensive planning and renovation of the building, narrow, dark rooms disappeared and a bright, spacious interior design found its place. The dominating feature of the twelve-room property is the almost monastic white walls. A dark floor, partly made of wood, creates a striking contrast and makes all rooms appear modern and bright. The design, refined with black fittings, brings in an optimal contribution.

Schuybroek shows a lot of variety with few different materials

Using a rather small range of materials, Schuybroek shows how much variety can be created with just a few different materials. The combination of modern bright architecture and an impressive collection of 12th century furniture creates a unique contrast between the past and the present. This creates a unique atmosphere which could be described as rustic modernity and makes every “Chabby Chic” piece of furniture look ridiculous.

As a very special highlight and representation of Schuybroek's style, the kitchen is worth seeing. The use of light marble and a completely continuous worktop make it look like a one-piece piece or carved directly into a large stone block. The large central work surface offers enough space to blanch several turkeys and to cut biscuit shapes into the rolled out dough at the same time as the grandchildren. The dark, medieval-style stove once again brings Schuybroek's sense of strong, tasteful contrasts to the interpretation and underlines the high compatibility of modern interior design with classical furniture.

Marble as a central element in floor and wall design

The bathroom with its light marble floor and wall design is also elegant. The bathtub protrudes from the wall with its black fittings and invites you to lavish foam baths. The only thing we think is missing is the side table for the bottle of wine to finish the evening off pleasantly. However, the furnishings leave nothing to be desired.

Nicolas Schuybroek is currently involved in major projects in Brussels, Antwerp, Paris and New York. We are curious to see what the architect will tell us next. What do you think about MK House? Let us know in the comments or via Facebook or Instagram. We look forward to your feedback.