Minosa Design - Luxus-Badezimmer 1

Minimalist Luxury Bathroom by Minosa Design

The Australian interior design studio Minosa Design has won this year's Bathroom Design Award and Bathroom of the Year awards for its minimalist luxury bathroom. The elegant bathroom is located in a traditional detached bungalow on the beach near Sydney Coogee, Australia.

The interior of the luxury bathroom is characterised by its monochromatic colour scheme and the use of natural materials. The storage space in the bathroom is represented by both the indirect lighting and the SkyTubes clearly enlarged as it actually is at the end.

All in all, the bathroom is characterised by a certain kind of “understatement”, regardless of whether the minimalist bathroom is pure luxury. The jury particularly emphasized the distinction between bathroom and toilet as well as the use of modern materials of excellent quality.

Award-winning luxury kitchen and bathroom

In addition to the bathroom by Minosa Design, an equally minimalist luxury kitchen was also awarded a prize at the HIA NSW Kitchen & Bathroom Award. Here too, the Studio für Innenarchitektur has opted for a monochromatic colour scheme and focused on the use of elegant wood ornaments. According to its own statement, the kitchen is more suitable for large families with a sense of aesthetics.

But what do you think of Minosa Design's luxury bathroom? Could you imagine taking a shower here every morning before work and getting ready for the next day?