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These Are The First Winners of The „Mercedes-Benz Sketch of the Month“-Award

“Good design does not only need courage, but above all courageous decisions”, says Gorden Wagener, chief designer of Daimler AG, confidently. The success of the brand shows that he and his design team have made many courageous, but above all many right decisions in recent years. Among other things, it was the new design language of sensual clarity, but also the many social media activities that contributed to the brand's attractiveness. No wonder, then, that the "Mercedes-Benz Sketch of the Month" award brings both disciplines together.

In a short video, Gorden Wagener asked his design team to create new drawings each month and post them online on Instagram along with the hashtag #MBSketchofthemonth. At the end of the month, it will be decided which designer has won the "Mercedes-Benz Sketch of the Month" award. It is important to note that the drawings submitted do not have to have anything to do with the actual work of Mercedes-Benz, so that designers' creativity is appropriately encouraged here. The first three winners of the last few months show what it can look like:

But what do you think about the Mercedes-Benz Sketch of the Month Award? Have Gorden Wagener and the leading designers once again made a good decision to promote good design? We are looking forward to your feedback in the comments - and every new follower on Instagram @designlovr.