Lyonheart - K Coupé 1

Was The Luxurious Lyonheart K Coupé Influenced By The Jaguar E-Type?

The origins of motorsport go back to the 19th century. Where at that time the fuel was purchased from the pharmacy, today an impressive culture and history has developed.

With the K Coupé, Lyonheart has not only managed to remind us of the origins of motorsport, but has also reissued one of these beautiful classics from the 1960s - and caught the same astonished looks that were already thrown at the Jaguar E-Type over 50 years ago. The tradition of the classic British sports car has been revived.

The Lyonheart K Coupé is clearly inspired by the Jaguar

At first glance, you can enjoy yourself directly in the coupé's gliding lines, which give it this irresistible look and make every British heart beat faster. The Lyonheart K was designed by Bo Roland and Robert Palm - and it is clearly reminiscent of the Jaguar E-Type.

Particularly worth mentioning here are the classic-shaped side mirrors, whose rounded shape could just as well have come from the 1960s. Furthermore, the presumption is supported by the classic spoke wheels, which come with elegant chrome caps and a milled Lyonheart logo.

Perfect combination of classic designs with modern lines

A further highlight is the rear, which falls far to the rear and is elegantly and uniquely differentiated on both sides by a clear line from the car body above the wheel arches and yet is supported. The elliptical combination rearlights set in chrome frame form the icing on the cake and present themselves as a perfect combination of classic designs with modern lines.

In the interior, the vehicle presents itself in a classic way and clearly depicts the cockpit of its predecessor. Even the wooden steering wheel and the fine leather seats bring enthusiasm with them. The curved real wood cladding is interrupted only by the four ventilation openings, in the middle there is a simple Lyonheart lettering in the plain text, which brings a noble classic look with it directly below from a classical analogue watch.

What do you think of the Lyonheart K Coupé? Have you already seen the rare exotic on the streets or maybe even sat in it? Let us know in the comments.