Buro108 - Mytishchi - Luxury Residence 1

Luxury Residence With “Living Wall” In Mytishchi From Buro108

A dream in green: With the truly appealing residence in Mytischtschi, the architects of Buro108 have created a real highlight - and they have relied on an ancient design tool. The vertical garden, the so-called Living Wall, was once a myth and even counted among the wonders of the ancient world. Today, the extraordinary plant images are causing growing enthusiasm among their viewers, as is the case with the architecture of Buro108.

The interiors of the luxury residence are characterized by timeless earth tones in combination with lots of wood, stone, glass and concrete elements. The result is a harmonious living environment for sophisticated demands.

On closer inspection it quickly becomes clear how important it was for the architects of Buro108 to integrate nature into the overall design concept - and not to exclude it from the outset. Above all, the open-plan living area, which extends over two floors, offers a magnificent view of the surrounding pine forests and allows plenty of light into the interior of the house. Accents are set by the different wall and ceiling structures and the high-quality design products such as the Eames Lounge Chair in the study.

How do you like the architecture of the luxury residence of Buro108? For us, the Living Wall is an absolute highlight. Please let us know what you think and write your feedback in the comments.